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Be My Princess: A Billionaire And Virgin Romance Book 21 HOT!

To help you find the best mafia romance books worth reading, this book list contains my favorite mafia romance books, popular mafia romances, throw-back titles, and newer releases you must get your hands on.

Be My Princess: A Billionaire and Virgin Romance book 21

Reilly returns to the Vitiello family in this mafia romance book that kicks off a duet. I honestly was first attracted to its hot cover, but I also love that it blends mafia romance and MC romance.

The daughter of my rival and my biggest enemy has literally fallen into my lap. She was never meant to be part of the plan, but Sophia Kastrati turns out to be the perfect pawn in a very dangerous game of vengeance. The only problem is, she is as beautiful as she is brave, and has captured my full attention.I have a particular fascination with mafia romance books that have an enemies-to-lovers storyline based on revenge. Somehow the happy ending seems all the sweeter if revenge can be overcome by falling in love.

This is another marriage of convenience, mafia romance book where the alpha male marries the young pawn. If you like an age gap romance served with a bit of blackmail in a dark romance, check this one out.

This was my pick for college romance book for the 2020 Romance Book Reading Challenge! I liked the angle of this story where the guy forgets the girl. If you like instalove and college drama this is a pick for you.

This is one of my favorite fake relationship romance books with all the feels of a great college romance. I love how easily the line is crossed from fake to real and how they both realize they are meant for more.

This is one of my most favorite fake relationship romance books where there is so much more behind their attraction. I loved their chemistry and connection that runs much deeper than either realize. A must read for college romance book fans as well.

This college romance book was a great, opposites attract, new adult romances for those who love a happy ending for two very deserving people. I loved seeing how both characters grew over the course of the novel. [Read more]

The Dante references in this book may be enough to keep me away on this college romance as well as the virgin- bad boy references. This book has been made into a movie on Passionflix so you may want to read it and then watch it! [Movies on Passionflix]

Mafia romance books include some crazy bad boy characters and some dangerous forbidden love romances. Typically the men in Mafia romance books are portrayed as tough alpha males that are sharply dressed and dangerous. But they always have a soft spot deep inside when it comes to the right woman. Then they become fierce protectors.

Mafia books can come in a variety of genres. They can be crime novels, such as The Godfather by Mario Puzo. They can also be non fiction, telling true life stories of the mafia world. And of course there are Mafia romance novels aplenty.


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