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ST Thumbnails Explorer: A Powerful Tool for Viewing and Printing Graphic Files

the audiosuite restoration suite is a goldmine of high-end audio tools, such as a comprehensive but user-friendly performance analyzer, a 32-track dvd and cd burning application, a 16-track audio recorder, mastering tools, and much more!

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and the designer for sourcesafe doesn't need you to set up your username or password. all you have to do is enter the session name in the default credential field. so, if youre working in a shared project and you want another teammate to be able to use the sourcesafe designer, you can type mrc in the default credential field and the designer will automatically connect to the mrc-solutions sourcesafe server.

ziparchive is a powerful archiving tool, which can compress, split and merge archive files. it is a windows component for working with archive files. designed to be intuitive for both novices and experienced users, the program supports most file formats: zip, rar, cab, arj, ace, cue, iso, bin, ntfs, and more.

windows live mail does more than just let you send email. you can also receive updates to your email messages from your friends, check your email in the background without having the screen on, download and keep the messages you receive, create and publish photo albums, automatically clean up your inbox and do much more.

book creator is a program that you can use to create pdf files from a variety of different file types. you can import pictures, text, and video, to create ebooks, slideshows, presentations, and reports with ease.

sonicfire filmora is a video editor app that is used to create cool videos, like b-roll, ads, post-production, documentary, and more. as the name would suggest, it can also edit audio, and the tool is also a film composer, a screenwriter, and video browser.


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