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Cedar Noise Reduction Plugin

the cedar cs processes can be used as an alternative to the pro tools plug-ins noise gate, noise suppressor and denoise. they also provide a workflow which is similar to that of the pro tools plug-ins. it is, however, important to note that the processes are designed to work with pro tools only and pro tools is not a replacement for a digital audio workstation (daw). a pro tools environment is required for successful use of the cedar cs processes.

cedar noise reduction plugin

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the debuzz process works by enhancing frequencies within the band of interest, rather than trying to do the opposite and cancel them out. this is the way a human brain would process a signal to remove noise. this would enable you to remove noise without affecting the frequencies you wanted to keep. the process is controlled via the filter parameters and the bandwidth. as an example, if you want to remove a certain frequency band at 3khz, you would set the frequency to the middle of the band and set the bandwidth to a narrow enough value to cover the band but still allow frequencies within the band to pass through.

as you know, one of the strengths of the debuzz module is its ability to handle a wide range of harmonics without ringing, which isimportant for music or lots of other stuff. but for dialogue, we normally think of the very low frequencies we want to keep, and leave the rest. cedar's adaptive limiter seemed to be able to automatically handle that distinction. the plug-in's limiter is a very simple one. when there are too many of the offending frequencies hitting the limiter, the limiter kicks in and reduces the level, but when there are not enough high-frequency signals, the limiter is turned off. so in normal dialogue, the limiter is mostly turned off. but when the problem is excessive high-frequency noise, the limiter turns on to reduce the levels of high frequencies. one of the nicest touches is that the dialogue-only signals can be sent through the limiter in its off state, so that the high-frequency noise is not heard on the dialogue, but of course you still hear the noise on the music.


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