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To prepare these, we needed to go back to the drawing board and figure out how lighting works with lower levels of detail. The fundamental problem with Daggerfall Unity is that the engine has more light sources than Daggerfall. This works fine for Daggerfall, since player is so close to them. In Daggerfall Unity, since the player is so far away, this isnt the case. Fog of war doesnt completely solve the problem, because players can interact with things through walls, a room beyond a closed door, etc.

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We started by setting the standard ambient lighting parameter to zero, which meant that the engine did not light any environment geometry with ambient lighting, and instead used only falloff and directional lighting. This was a bit of a pain, since players dont see any environment details. To work around this problem, we started by giving our environments directional lights. But then we noticed that this effectively made everything with ambient lighting invisible.

We could have made some lighting parameters invisible, but that would be a pain. Instead, we could use a mixture of falloff and directional lights. This made everything visible, but also almost invisible to the player.

In light of that, we implemented a new one-dimensional per-light falloff parameter for ambient lighting. This now lets ambient lighting be visible through player-occupied spaces, so there are more visible environment details. This means you can also read map markers on doors and chests.

We also modified how shadow volumes work. Instead of the shadows being visible in all directions, they only receive ambient lighting. The shadows are also not initially turned on, but are turned on and off by ambient lighting calculations. This is the reason you can still see ambient lighting with on-screen indicators. The shadows also interact with light sources and reduce their intensity. This is done at night, when ambient light reduces to a lower value. We had tried this technique in a previous patch, but then, we found that it wasnt obvious enough to avoid a foggy (dark) impression in most rooms.


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