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D Gangs Of Mumbai Hindi Video Download [BEST]

The 1991 Lokhandwala Complex shootout was a gunbattle that occurred on 16 November 1991 at the Lokhandwala Complex, Bombay (now Mumbai), between seven gangsters led by Maya Dolas and members of the Mumbai Police and the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) led by the then Additional Commissioner of Police, A. A. Khan. The four-hour-long shootout was termed as India's "first daylight encounter" and was videographed and conducted in full view of the public.[1][2][3] It ended in the deaths of all seven gangsters, including Maya Dolas, Dilip Buwa and Anil Pawar.

D Gangs Of Mumbai Hindi Video Download

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News and current affairs video magazine Newstrack captured the entire shootout live in 1991.[7] According to the former Additional Commissioner of Police A. A. Khan, the Anti-Terrorism Squad received a tip-off from a police informer that Dolas and his gang were hiding in the A wing, flats no. 002 and 003 in the Swati building at the Lokhandwala Complex, a posh upper middle class residential area. The informer reported that they were armed and were waiting for a few builders who would be coming in the evening. The apartment in which they were hiding belonged to Gopal Rajwani, a fugitive gangster from Ulhasnagar and associate of Ibrahim.[2] The ATS formed three teams for the task of arresting the fugitives and taking them into custody. One was for reconnaissance, while the other two cordoned off the spot.[2]


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