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Supreme Vikings

Obi Ijere, a high-ranking leader of the Supreme Vikings Confraternity, a leading group in the 1990s conflict in the Niger Delta, stated in an interview that the confraternity and De Norsemen Kclub of Nigeria were in fact not the same group. This is very correct because all Vikings are norsemen but not all norsemen are vikings[2] However, in an official statement in August 2009 the National President of the organisation, Bond Ohuche, dismissed as "fallacious... criminal and mischievous" any association of the organisation with the conflict in the Niger Delta.[3]

Supreme Vikings


The main object of De Norsemen Klub is to fight for and defend the oppressed and the weak. Our organization adopts corrective and protective measures for the defense of the masses against social injustice, victimization, and deprivation. The fundamental mission is to assemble men in the course of re-enactment of the vikings, develop leadership, promote brotherhood, and provide service to humanity.

Over the years we have been known to undertake research into the history of the vikings, promote brotherhood of man, encourage good governance, offered bursaries and scholarship to students in various fields of study in higher institutions, established communities' development projects and enlightenment programs for the masses on their civic responsibilities as well as protect the rights of the less-privileged. 041b061a72


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