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Download Chokher Bali in Hindi PDF for Free: Enjoy the Classic Novel by Rabindranath Tagore

English Hindi Chokher Bali Book Download: A Guide to Enjoying Rabindranath Tagore's Classic Novel


If you are a fan of Indian literature, you have probably heard of Rabindranath Tagore, the Nobel Prize-winning poet and writer who is considered one of the greatest figures of Bengali culture. Tagore wrote many novels, short stories, poems, and essays that explored various aspects of human life, such as love, friendship, family, society, religion, and nationalism. One of his most famous and acclaimed novels is Chokher Bali, which means "sand in the eye" or "a constant irritant".

english hindi Chokher Bali book download


Chokher Bali is a complex and realistic story that deals with the themes of marriage, adultery, widowhood, and feminism in the late 19th century Bengal. It tells the story of four main characters: Mahendra, a young and handsome man who is spoiled by his mother; Asha, his innocent and naive wife who loves him dearly; Binodini, a beautiful and educated widow who becomes Mahendra's friend and Asha's confidante; and Behari, Mahendra's cousin and friend who is secretly in love with Binodini. The novel explores how their lives are intertwined by fate, passion, jealousy, and betrayal.

If you are interested in reading this masterpiece of Indian literature, you might be wondering how to download Chokher Bali in English or Hindi. In this article, we will guide you through the process of finding and downloading the best versions of Chokher Bali in both languages. We will also give you a summary and analysis of the novel, as well as a comparison of different versions that have been produced over the years. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding and appreciation of Chokher Bali and its author.

What is Chokher Bali?

Chokher Bali is a novel written by Rabindranath Tagore in 1902. It was originally published in Bengali, the native language of Tagore and most people in Bengal. The novel was serialized in a monthly magazine called Bangadarshan, which was edited by Tagore himself. The novel was well-received by the readers and critics alike, who praised its realism, psychological depth, and social commentary.

Chokher Bali is considered one of Tagore's finest works and one of the first modern novels in Bengali literature. It is also one of the earliest examples of feminist literature in India, as it portrays the plight and struggles of widows in a patriarchal society. The novel also reflects Tagore's views on marriage, morality, and human nature.

Why should you read Chokher Bali?

There are many reasons why you should read Chokher Bali, whether you are a fan of Indian literature or not. Here are some of them:

  • Chokher Bali is a classic novel that has influenced many writers and artists in India and beyond. It is a part of the Indian literary heritage and culture.

  • Chokher Bali is a captivating and engaging story that will keep you hooked from the first page to the last. It has a rich and complex plot that involves romance, drama, suspense, and tragedy.

  • Chokher Bali is a realistic and authentic portrayal of the society and culture of Bengal in the late 19th century. It gives you a glimpse of the history, traditions, customs, and values of the people at that time.

  • Chokher Bali is a profound and insightful exploration of human emotions, relationships, and motivations. It shows you the strengths and weaknesses, the virtues and vices, the joys and sorrows of the characters.

  • Chokher Bali is a novel that will make you think and feel. It will challenge your assumptions and opinions, and inspire you to reflect on your own life and choices.

How to download Chokher Bali in English or Hindi?

If you want to download Chokher Bali in English or Hindi, you have several options to choose from. You can either buy an e-book or an audiobook from online platforms like Amazon, Google Play, or Audible, or you can download a free PDF or EPUB file from websites like Project Gutenberg,, or Here are some links to help you find and download Chokher Bali in English or Hindi:






Amazon Kindle


Project Gutenberg


Google Play Books

Audible India

Once you have downloaded Chokher Bali in your preferred language and format, you can start reading or listening to it on your device. You can also print it out if you prefer a physical copy.

Chokher Bali: A Summary and Analysis

In this section, we will give you a brief summary and analysis of Chokher Bali. We will cover the main events of the plot, the characteristics of the main characters, and the major themes of the novel. However, we recommend that you read the novel yourself to fully appreciate its beauty and depth.

The plot of Chokher Bali

The novel begins with Mahendra, a young man who lives with his widowed mother Rajlakshmi in Calcutta. Mahendra is educated and handsome, but he is also spoiled and irresponsible. He has no interest in getting married, despite his mother's efforts to find him a suitable bride. He spends his time with his cousin Behari, who is more mature and sensible than him.

One day, Mahendra receives a letter from his childhood friend Bihari Das, who lives in a village called Rangpur. Bihari Das invites Mahendra to visit him and meet his daughter Asha, whom he wants to marry off to Mahendra. Mahendra agrees to go, but only as a courtesy. He has no intention of marrying Asha.

she has learned to be obedient and submissive. She is unaware of the world outside her home and has no dreams or aspirations of her own. She is happy to marry Mahendra, whom she considers her childhood friend.

Mahendra, however, is not impressed by Asha. He finds her too simple and dull for his taste. He decides to reject her and return to Calcutta. However, before he can do so, he falls ill with malaria. Asha takes care of him with devotion and tenderness, and Mahendra begins to feel grateful and affectionate towards her. He changes his mind and agrees to marry her.

Mahendra and Asha get married and move to Calcutta, where they live with Rajlakshmi. Asha tries to adjust to her new life and please her husband and mother-in-law, but she faces many challenges and difficulties. She is uneducated and ignorant of the modern and urban lifestyle. She is also lonely and bored, as Mahendra is busy with his work and social activities. She has no friends or companions except for Behari, who visits them often and becomes her mentor and guide.

Meanwhile, in another part of Calcutta, there lives another young widow named Binodini. Binodini is a beautiful and educated woman who was married off to a sickly old man when she was a teenager. Her husband died soon after their marriage, leaving her a widow at a young age. Binodini is unhappy and frustrated with her fate. She has to live with her mother-in-law in a small and dingy house, where she has to follow strict rules and rituals imposed by the society on widows. She has no freedom or joy in her life. She longs for love and companionship.

One day, Binodini receives a letter from Rajlakshmi, who is her distant relative. Rajlakshmi invites Binodini to visit her and stay with her for some time. Binodini accepts the invitation, hoping for a change of scenery and some relief from her misery.

When Binodini arrives at Rajlakshmi's house, she meets Mahendra and Asha for the first time. She is surprised to learn that Mahendra is the same man who had rejected her as a bride before he married Asha. She feels a pang of jealousy and resentment towards Asha, who has everything that she lacks: a husband, a home, a family, and a status.

Binodini decides to stay with Rajlakshmi for a while, pretending to be friendly and helpful to Asha. She gradually wins the trust and affection of Asha, who considers her as a sister and a friend. She also attracts the attention and admiration of Mahendra, who finds her more charming and intelligent than Asha. He begins to regret his decision of marrying Asha instead of Binodini.

Binodini also develops a friendship with Behari, who visits them regularly. Behari is attracted to Binodini's beauty and personality, but he is also loyal to Mahendra and Asha. He tries to resist his feelings for Binodini and advises her to leave the house before she causes any trouble.

However, Binodini does not listen to Behari. She enjoys playing with the emotions of Mahendra and Asha, who are both naive and unsuspecting of her motives. She also feels a genuine attraction towards Mahendra, who is the only man who has ever shown interest in her as a woman.

Soon, Binodini and Mahendra start an illicit affair behind Asha's back. They exchange letters and meet secretly in different places. They are both aware of the sin and guilt of their actions, but they are unable to stop themselves.

Their affair is eventually discovered by Rajlakshmi, who is shocked and enraged by their betrayal. She confronts them and curses them for ruining her son's marriage and life. She also blames herself for bringing Binodini into their house.

Rajlakshmi decides to leave the house with Asha, who is heartbroken and humiliated by Mahendra's infidelity. She also asks Behari to come with them, as she trusts him as a friend and a brother.

Mahendra is left alone with Binodini, who expects him to marry her now that he has left his wife. However, Mahendra is not ready to commit to Binodini. He feels guilty and ashamed of his affair, and he also misses Asha. He realizes that he still loves Asha and that he has made a terrible mistake.

Binodini is disappointed and angry with Mahendra's indecision and cowardice. She realizes that he does not love her as much as she loves him. She also feels sorry for Asha, who has suffered because of her. She decides to leave Mahendra and go away from his life.

Before she leaves, she writes a letter to Asha, in which she confesses her affair with Mahendra and asks for her forgiveness. She also tells Asha that she is leaving the city and that she will never see her again. She hopes that Asha will be happy and that she will reconcile with Mahendra.

Asha receives Binodini's letter and reads it with mixed feelings. She is hurt and angry by Binodini's deception and betrayal, but she is also moved by her repentance and apology. She feels a strange bond with Binodini, who has been both her friend and her enemy.

Asha decides to forgive Binodini and wishes her well. She also decides to forgive Mahendra and give him another chance. She realizes that he is still her husband and that she still loves him. She hopes that he will change and become a better man.

Asha writes a letter to Mahendra, in which she tells him that she has forgiven him and Binodini, and that she is willing to come back to him if he wants her. She also tells him that she is pregnant with his child, and that she hopes that he will be a good father.

Mahendra receives Asha's letter and reads it with joy and relief. He is overjoyed by the news of Asha's pregnancy, and he is grateful for her forgiveness and generosity. He realizes that Asha is the true love of his life, and that he has been foolish and blind to ignore her.

Mahendra writes a letter to Asha, in which he tells her that he loves her more than anything, and that he is sorry for hurting her. He also tells her that he wants her to come back to him, and that he will be a faithful husband and a loving father.

Mahendra sends his letter to Asha, along with a gift of a necklace. He waits eagerly for her reply.

However, fate has other plans for them. Asha never receives Mahendra's letter or his gift. They are lost in the mail, due to a postal strike. Asha thinks that Mahendra has not replied to her letter, and that he does not want her back. She feels rejected and hopeless.

Asha decides to end her life by taking poison. She writes a suicide note, in which she says goodbye to Mahendra, Rajlakshmi, Behari, and Binodini. She also says goodbye to her unborn child, whom she names Chokher Bali.

Asha dies before anyone can save her. Her death shocks and saddens everyone who knew her.

Mahendra learns about Asha's death too late. He is devastated by the loss of his wife and child. He blames himself for their deaths, and he curses his fate.

Mahendra becomes a broken man, who lives in remorse and despair. He has no interest in anything or anyone. He spends his days in isolation and grief.

The novel ends with Mahendra visiting Asha's grave, where he meets Behari. Behari tells Mahendra that he has decided to marry Binodini, who has returned to Calcutta after traveling around India. Behari says that Binodini has changed a lot, and that she is now a good and noble woman.

Mahendra wishes Behari and Binodini happiness, but he says that he can never be happy again. He says that he will always love Asha, who was his true soulmate.

Mahendra leaves the grave with tears in his eyes, while Behari looks at him with pity and sympathy.

The characters of Chokher Bali

and weaknesses, their virtues and vices, their joys and sorrows. They are all influenced by their circumstances and choices, and they all undergo changes and transformations throughout the novel. Here are some brief descriptions of the main characters:

  • Mahendra is the protagonist of the novel. He is a young and handsome man who is spoiled by his mother and has no sense of responsibility or commitment. He is impulsive and selfish, and he does not appreciate his wife Asha, who loves him unconditionally. He is attracted to Binodini, who is more sophisticated and worldly than Asha, and he starts an affair with her. He later regrets his actions and realizes that he loves Asha, but it is too late to save his marriage and his happiness.

  • Asha is the heroine of the novel. She is a young and beautiful girl who is innocent and naive. She is brought up in a conservative and orthodox family, where she has learned to be obedient and submissive. She marries Mahendra, whom she considers her childhood friend, and she tries to be a good wife and daughter-in-law. She is loyal and devoted to Mahendra, even when he neglects and cheats on her. She is also kind and friendly to Binodini, who becomes her confidante and betrayer. She dies of a broken heart, leaving behind a legacy of love and sacrifice.

  • Binodini is the antagonist of the novel. She is a beautiful and educated widow who has suffered a lot in her life. She is unhappy and frustrated with her fate, and she longs for love and companionship. She becomes friends with Asha, but she also envies her for having everything that she lacks. She falls in love with Mahendra, who had rejected her as a bride before he married Asha, and she seduces him into an affair. She later feels guilty and sorry for hurting Asha, and she leaves Mahendra to seek redemption. She marries Behari, who loves her sincerely, and she becomes a better person.

  • Behari is the supporting character of the novel. He is Mahendra's cousin and friend, who is more mature and sensible than him. He is educated and honest, and he has a sense of duty and honor. He loves Binodini, but he does not act on his feelings out of respect for Mahendra and Asha. He tries to help them in their troubles, but he also suffers because of their mistakes. He marries Binodini after Asha's death, hoping to find happiness with her.

The themes of Chokher Bali

The novel explores various themes that are relevant to human life and society, such as:

  • Love: The novel shows different types and aspects of love, such as romantic love, marital love, platonic love, maternal love, unrequited love, forbidden love, etc. It also shows how love can be a source of joy or pain, depending on how it is expressed and received.

  • Marriage: The novel shows different perspectives and expectations on marriage, such as arranged marriage vs love marriage, fidelity vs infidelity, compatibility vs incompatibility, happiness vs unhappiness, etc. It also shows how marriage can affect the lives and personalities of the spouses.

  • Widowhood: The novel shows the plight and struggles of widows in a patriarchal society that treats them as outcasts and burdens. It also shows how widows cope with their loneliness and grief, and how they seek dignity and freedom.

  • Feminism: The novel shows the oppression and discrimination that women face in a male-dominated society that denies them their rights and opportunities. It also shows how women resist and challenge the norms and values that limit them.

and choices of the individuals, and how the individuals challenge and change the society.

  • Human nature: The novel shows the complexity and diversity of human nature, such as good vs evil, virtue vs vice, strength vs weakness, reason vs emotion, etc. It also shows how human nature is influenced by the circumstances and consequences of one's actions.

Chokher Bali: A Comparison of Different Versions

Chokher Bali has been translated and adapted into different languages and media over the years. Some of the most notable versions are:

The original Bengali version by Rabindranath Tagore

This is the original version of the novel, written by Tagore in 1902. It is considered the best and most authentic version of the novel, as it reflects Tagore's style, language, and vision. It is also the most widely read and appreciated version of the novel in India and abroad.

The English translation by Krishna Kripalani

This is the first English translation of the novel, done by Krishna Kripalani in 1959. It is considered a faithful and accurate translation of the novel, as it preserves the essence and meaning of Tagore's words. It is also the most popular and accessible version of the novel for English readers.

The Hindi translation by Surendra Verma

This is the first Hindi translation of the novel, done by Surendra Verma in 1976. It is considered a good and fluent translation of the novel, as it adapts Tagore's style and language to suit the Hindi audience. It is also the most widely read and enjoyed version of the novel among Hindi speakers.

The film adaptation by Rituparno Ghosh

This is a film adaptation of the novel, directed by Rituparno Ghosh in 2003. It is considered a brilliant and artistic adaptation of the novel, as it captures the mood and atmosphere of Tagore's story. It also features excellent performances by the actors, especially Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as Binodini.


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