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How to Use Windig 2.5 on Your 64-bit Windows System to Scan Documents, Photos, and More

There are now some helpful guides and tutorials available on the web:tpsUtil & tpsDig tutorial. 1. Building a TPS file from Images using tpsUtil.2. Digitizing Morphological Landmarks using tpsDig.IINTRODUCCION A TPSdig.avi.Collecting Landmarks (PDF) The tpsDig1 link is for the previous version (1.40 dated 1/17/04). Execute the downloaded file to install the program. By F. James Rohlf. The old Win 3.1 version is also still available (Version 1.07 dated 4/4/97).

windig 2.5 download 64 bits

Collect geometric morphometric landmarks in your browser. PhyloNimbus is a web app for collecting 2D and 3D landmarks, linear measurements, and curves/semilandmarks. Coordinates can be downloaded in different file formats. It runs in all major browsers and is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.By Dominic.


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