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Video: Drama At A Buffalo Kill

A few months after killing Yellow Hair, Cody left the cavalry to return to the stage. Each night, he donned the very outfit that he wore in battle to reenact a wildly dramatized version of the killing of Yellow Hair, now renamed by Cody as Yellow Hand and promoted to the position of chief, instead of simple warrior. While papers denounced the blatant glorification of violence, audiences packed the theater to see Cody wave the scalp of Yellow Hand in the air in victory.

Video: Drama at a buffalo kill


After catching up with the Breakaway lionesses and one Mapoza male yesterday morning looking decidedly lazy and content with sleeping all day, we were hoping the cooler evening hours would coax them into action. Well, action was what we got! Afternoon game drive took a dramatic turn at Africa on Foot and nThambo Tree Camp when the distinct call of a buffalo in distress rang through the air, and a cloud of dust rose ominously from the thicket near Twala Dam in the Klaserie. Kevin MacLaughlin was camera-ready at the scene of the sleeping lionesses, when all of a sudden the clumsy hooves of buffalo stepped right into enemy territory, setting the cats into stealthy action.

Be prepared for action and drama with this video of three male lions desperately attacking a large herd of Cape buffalo in South Africa. In a protracted battle of strength, the lions take down a calf but then must keep their prize from the determined herd. The control switches again and again, with the lions having to battle fiercely for their meal and the survival of the group.

A pride of lions numbering well over ten had stumbled across a lone buffalo bull. Also known as dagga boys, these buffalo are considered to be the most dangerous animals of all the Big 5, and rightly so. Their cranky temperament has seen many people charged and plenty of lions gored and killed over the years. Weighing in at about a tonne, they are certainly not easy prey.

Being opportunistic, this pride of lions thought they would chance their luck and try and grab a meal that would sustain them for a few days. They had surrounded this lone buffalo with the intent to kill. The bull however, had other ideas. With speed that may come as surprising to most, the buffalo manoeuvred itself numerous times to avoid more than one lion being able to get near enough to it. Using the terrain to its advantage the buffalo cleverly used the nearby shrubs to shield one side of itself from potential attacks.

Episodes 7 and 8 of the Josh Brolin-led supernatural drama, now streaming on Prime Video, exposed old secrets, revealed new truths and unleashed many, many buffalo on an unsuspecting Wyoming town. It was an apt perfect payoff for what was already a masterclass in slow-burn mythology-building and deft character work, with stunning performances from Lili Taylor, Imogen Poots, Noah Reid and Will Patton (amongst many others). And typical to the show, it beautifully mixed everyday drama (who will be victorious at the rodeo?) with oversized mystical quandaries.


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