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JWM Themes, One Update To Rule Them all….

We extend Plasma to allow the user to glance over system operations with easy to understand status displayed on the screen. NX Desktop is our set of applied customizations to the Plasma 5 Desktop. It includes new plasmoids (or widgets) and a new look and feel package (wallpapers, Plasma themes, Konsole theme and profile, Aurorae themes, SDDM themes, cursors, and color schemes).

JWM themes, one update to rule them all….


Advanced search with JQL is being updated to provide more accurate results. For example, if you enter summary "\"full screen\"" as a JQL query, the search results will only include issues where the summary contains the exact phrase "full screen". This is an improvement on current behavior, where search results can include the words in a different order and with other words between them.

It is difficult to make the patient process more efficient, and it is hard to identify the path forward in the complex environment of the modern hospital organization. To address this, we have developed a patient flow improvement framework of themes, barriers, root causes, and solutions; see Fig. 2.

The framework highlights several themes to direct readers to how and where patient flow barriers may appear across the hospital, supported by Fig. 1. The solutions are presented in Table 3 and supported by Additional file 1: Appendix A, where Åhlin et al. [40] explain the causal relationships between barriers and root causes. Hospital managers and commissioners may take several different approaches when using this framework. The framework can be used by identifying a certain root cause or barrier and then looking for appropriate solutions to implement. Another path might be to start with the desired solution and explore how and where that solution will impact the organization. A third approach could be to select a certain part of the patient flow, represented by themes, and see the associated problems and solutions. Hence, this framework serves as guidance for commissioners designing improvement strategies. Other frameworks or models to understand barriers and enablers to efficient hospital-wide patient flows can be found focusing on performance indicators [12], paradoxes of patient flow [29], Lean healthcare applications [33], and patient flow improvement strategies [22]. We believe our framework evolving from this interview study and the previous systematic literature review by Åhlin et al. [40] complement their work, and these frameworks can be used together to improve the patient flow across hospitals.

Aaron and Emre lead the recruits to Pleasure Town, though Emre gets lost and a few new recruits die trying to jump across the outer wall's spikes. Aaron lays out some ground rules, and Emre leads everyone to Super Church, where each survivor has a chest of gear waiting for them. (Chests that Aaron and Emre have forgotten to unlock.) Emre is upset when he notices the locked door to his secret side room is open.

Aaron invites Metastergo and Graskull to his house. Emre drives them off his lawn by firing over their heads. Aaron offers his two new followers the grand tour, laying out his extensive house rules, but granting them extensive freedoms. The tour teaches Graskull and Metastergo about their new Aaron host; a window installed to let Aaron spy on showering guests makes them realize Aaron is a pervert, but his rooftop sex garden wins them back over.

Aaron's house tour intercuts with scenes of Emre and his two new "minions." First, Emre decks out JWM and Kaydalyn with hazmat suit uniforms and shotguns, then takes them on a tour his own, prison-like home. Emre's minions prove highly receptive to his oppressive rules (and the gifts he showers them with, including bedrooms of their own).

NX Desktop includes new plasmoids (aka widgets) and a new look and feel package. This package includes wallpapers, Plasma themes, Konsole theme and profile, Aurorae themes, SDDM themes, cursors and color-schemes.


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