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Albatrellus !!HOT!!

ABSTRACT: Scutiger s. lat. is found to include at least ten distinct genera: four previously named (Albatrellopsis; Albatrellus; Polyporoletus; Scutiger, amended) and six introduced here as new (Laeticutis, Neoalbatrellus, Polyporopsis, Polypus, Xanthoporus, Xeroceps). Keys to the ten segregate genera and to the species reported from North America and Europe are provided. The systematic position of these genera based on molecular analysis and the trophic strategies of the analyzed species are also discussed. Differing taxonomic points are examined, and the synonymy between Polyporopsis (Albatrellus) mexicanus and Polyporoletus sublividus is rejected. One new species, Polyporoletus bulbosus, and eleven new combinations are proposed.




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