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Microsoft Net Framework V4.0.3019 32 Bit

Looks like you need to disconnect the printer, uninstall the printer, then restart your computer. Updat the computer with the latest .net framework, if there are any downloads and Download Latest Java

microsoft net framework v4.0.3019 32 bit

Where the %WINDIR% is path to your Windows installation, what is typically C:\Windows or C:\WINNT. Note that you can keep %WINDIR% as this environment variable should be set on your system to point to the Windows folder. The Framework needs to be replaced by Framework64 to register the assembly for use from 64-bit applications.2 On 64-bit systems, you should generally register the assembly both for 32-bit (such as old versions of Microsoft Excel) and 64-bit applications. The is version of .NET framework to register the assembly with. It is recommended to use the latest available, what currently is v4.0.30319. You may however use any framework version from 2.0 (v2.0.50727) up. Note that framework 3.0 and 3.5 do not ship with RegAsm.exe. For these versions use RegAsm.exe from 2.0.


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