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Chronicles Of Mystery - The Tree Of Life Android Apk Download

People love mystery games such as the murder mystery genre because they give them a chance to be creative. When you are solving a puzzle, you are forced to use your brain and be a detective like Sherlock Holmes. The best part about playing a mystery game is that you never know what will happen next. You could be trying to solve a murder or you could be trying to find a hidden object. The best mystery games take you on a true adventure. Whether you're charged with solving a murder or putting a life back together, being a detective in some of the best mystery games asks you to put on your thinking cap and get to work analyzing the world around you. You never know until you play them so download GameTop's mystery games now!

Chronicles Of Mystery - The Tree Of Life Android Apk Download

Much of the magic and mystery of the original Power Hover sits within its brilliantly choreographed set piece levels, which find you scything across futuristic deserts and oceans, trying not to turn your powerboarding robot into a heap of scrap metal by directing it into a rock. But that game also finishes each section with an exhilarating boss battle, which pits you against psychotic androids in cartwheeling tunnels of death.


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