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How To Fold It: The Mathematics Of Linkages, Or...

The second section of the book concerns the mathematics of paper folding, and mathematical origami. It includes the NP-completeness of testing flat foldability,[2]the problem of map folding (determining whether a pattern of mountain and valley folds forming a square grid can be folded flat),[2][4]the work of Robert J. Lang using tree structures and circle packing to automate the design of origami folding patterns,[2][4]the fold-and-cut theorem according to which any polygon can be constructed by folding a piece of paper and then making a single straight cut,[2][4]origami-based angle trisection,[4]rigid origami,[2]and the work of David A. Huffman on curved folds.[4]

How to Fold It: The Mathematics of Linkages, Or...




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